Letter from Tadeusz Kotarbiński written 04.03.1961


              Warsaw 40

ul. Karowa No. 14/16 apt. 18

Warsaw, 4/3/1961


Most Honourable Professor!

            I am very sorry that you encountered such an assortment of problems in obtaining reimbursement for charges resulting from your trip to Warsaw for the performance of the series of functions you were invited to perform.

            I have investigated the matter. As for the refund of hotel costs, rules were automatically applied which could have been circumvented in a less rigid fashion. I gave the appropriate order and you will shortly receive from the Faculty of Philosophy of the Polish Academy of Sciences the sum of 387.10 zlotys resulting from your bills.

            Irrespective of the above, the Polish Philosophical Society remits 200 zl to you as your fee for the lecture at the General Assembly. We had not paid this sum because heretofore lectures at the General Assembly, as collegial lectures delivered as compensation for the distinction of having been invited, were not remunerated.

            I apologise to you for this unpleasantness and ask you to accept expressions of my profound respect