Letter from Tadeusz Kotarbiński written 26.12.1947

Łódź, 26/12/1947


Most honoured professor!

                I thank you kindly for the comprehensive information you graciously supplied me in your letter of the 4th of this month. The matter of Phil. Quarterly has ceased to be of direct interest to me due to the considerations about which I had already written in my message, since the part of the paper for the Ministry concerning periodicals was taken over by our colleague Tatarkiewicz. As regards the outline of the history and activities of the Crac. Phil. Soc., I’ve received nothing from my colleague Zawirski, although you had told me that you would pass this matter on to him the following day. Do you think I should address myself to Z. directly?

                XXXX to my hands chiefly XXXXX matter. [O1] At an invitation from Institut des Hautes Etudes de Belgique[O2] , I’m supposed to deliver a reading in Brussels in the last few days of February. I’d like to make use of a finished paper printed in Studio Philosophica and deliver ‘Principes des bon travail’ as a lecture there, if at that point it still hasn’t been printed. Therefore I’m asking you whether the appearance of the next volume of ‘Studies’ is ‘threatened’ before the end of February. I’d be very grateful if you’d be so gracious as to send a prompt answer, because my working plans for the immediate future depend on it.

                I attach friendly regards and expressions of high esteem




[O1]Brak materiału w wersji polskiej
[O2]Oryginal tekst jest błędny, ma Nantes zamiast Hautes