Letter from Tadeusz Kotarbiński written 28.10.1952


                 EDITORIAL COMMITTEE

          Library of Classics of Philosophy


         PWN (Polish Scientific Publishers)

Warsaw, 28/10/1952

ul. Foksal 17


To     Prof. Dr Roman Ingarden

Ob.[O1]    Cracow

         Biskupia 14

Log no. BKF/390/52



The Editorial Committee of the Library of Classics of Philosophy at Polish Scientific Publishers has undertaken work related to the publication of a Bibliography of Polish philosophical literature (based on material collected by Dr Bar).

In connection with this matter, we turn to you, Citizen Professor, with a courteous request to send us a complete bibliography of your own works in the area of philosophy, including articles in periodicals and reviews.

Chairman of the Editorial Committee

Library of Classics of Philosophy

(Prof. Dr Tadeusz Kotarbiński[O2] )



[O1] Nie wiadomo, co to tu znaczy
[O2]Oryginal ma Kotrabiński