Letter from Tadeusz Zabłudowski written 07.11.1962

   c          NATIONAL                                                c                               Warsaw, 11/7/1962
  c  SCIENTIFIC PUBLISHERS PWN                                    c                     Miodowa 10 tel. 6-71-64

   c        L.dz. Sekr./62

Prof. Roman Ingarden
K r a k o w
Biskupia 14


    c   Honorable Professor,

    c       c   Thank you for your letter from October 20 of this year. I am happy to hear that the Russian edition of Professor’s aesthetic writings has finally come out. We have not received a copy so far and if you could send us a one /that we would make sure to return/, we would be very obliged.
   c       c   Unfortunately, we cannot resume the publication of Studies in Aesthetics for now. We are very troubled by the lack of paper and we need to limit our publishing plan for next year. Therefore, we are forced to postpone the resumption of the publication of Studies. We will return to this matter as soon as conditions allow us to do so.

My deepest respect

v Editor in Chief
/T. Zabłudowski/