Letter from Tadeusz Zabłudowski written nd.01.1963

 v             NATIONAL                                          v               Warszawa, January 1963
 v SCIENTIFIC PUBLISHERS PWN                                v      Miodowa 10
 v                      v                      v                      v                  tel. 6-71-64
 v            Ref. WO/63

Prof. Roman Ingarden
K r a k o w
Biskupia St. 14


          v            In response to Professor’s letter from 1/19/1963, I would like to kindly inform you that we have initiated the search for a co-publisher for the English version of your “Controversy over the existence of the world”. The partial publication of this work by Charles C. Thomas should undoubtedly facilitate the matter. We are currently considering the candidates we would like to address first. If you had any suggestions, we would be grateful to hear them.

          v            The search for a co-publisher is related to the matter of translation. As soon as we are certain that a given American or English company is interested in our offer, we will contact Ms. Helen Michejda regarding the contract. Professor should have been updated on our previous contacts with her in the letter from November 8, 1962, sent to you by Mr. Z. Gebethner.

          v            There is one more difficulty regarding the case at hand. We lack a concise outline of the work (5-6 pages of typescript), which could be an indispensable element of the new offer. We only have a table of contents in English, and this is not enough. If you would be so kind as to send us a text of this nature and any reviews that appeared in a foreign scientific press, it would make our work much easier.
 v                      v                      v            Respectfully,

Editor in Chief

/T. Zabłudowski/