Letter from Wacław Borowy written 30.03.1939

n           P.S. 3/30/1939. And the holidays flew by without me sending this letter. I will then use it to adress on one of your comments on the margin. You accuse me of a thought leap in the fact that – in longer arguments about literature – I say about general art that there is a place in it for truth without quotation marks. I understood that since literature is part of art, saying that would not be too much of a transgression. I do not think there would be any search for logical sentences in any other branch of art, so there is no fear of misunderstandings. The issue of the Rouen cathedral or Bach cantatas in the perspective of Kridl’s system does not exist as a subject of judgment, but as a matter of relations to practical areas of life. That is why I spoke about this relation. Kridl, if he is consistent, should not recognize the cathedral in Rouen as a work of art, just as he does not recognize Sejm sermons etc. The cathedral is built to make it easier for people to pray! Something similar can be said about Bach’s Passion. There is, in fact, a book (R.H. Wilemski’s ‘The Modern Movement in Art’) which eliminates all religious art from theoretical considerations, understanding that an image cannot be analyzed as a regular one if its chief destiny is to hang in a church. My task was to deal with these types of simplisms; which is why I also took it on with my rudimentary equipment.