Letter from Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 04.04.1922

n   Rycerska 11a
n  4/4/1922

Honoured Doctor,

Due to various activities and trips, I’m replying to your letter only today, and I thank you for the (always interesting to me) information about the phenomenologists. À propos phenomenological aesthetics: Wasn’t Waldemar Conrad, whose dissertation on the aesthetic object was printed by Stochft p. Aesthetik, a phenomenologist? –
In the coming days, taking advantage of the Easter holidays, I’m going to Warsaw; perhaps you’ll also be there at that time and we might be able to meet. I’ll be staying at Wiejska 17 (tel. 201-62).
After returning to Poznań, in May, I want to go to Toruń at some point on a Saturday and Sunday. Wishing to combine business with pleasure, I’d like to give a lecture there: I imagine that I could cover the costs of the trip in this way. However, I don’t know whom to turn to in a matter of this kind. If you, my dear honoured sir, could give me some information, I’d be very grateful to you. I suppose that philosophical themes would be less desirable than those of my other (now even main) specialty: art. I could bring transparencies with me, and a projector could undoubtedly be found in Toruń. Of course, I don’t want to bother you with my business, but if it happens that you know something about this matter, I’d ask you kindly to drop me a line.
I enclose expressions of profound esteem