Letter from Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 07.02.1962

Warsaw, 7.2.1962

Dear Roman. Since a quick review of Ms Makota’s paper is so important to you, I’ll ‘stand on my head’ and write one. I’ll have to do it in the immediate future, because there won’t be any time before the trip itself.

                Specifically, I want to go to America in the first days of March. There won’t be time to organise Gałecki’s habilitation before that; coming to Cracow at that time would be too difficult for me. Will Ossowski replace me on the commission? I regret, however, that I won’t be there, because I have a great deal of esteem and liking for Gałecki. I consider this habilitation not only necessary for him, but equally, objectively speaking, for aesthetics in our country.

                How long I’ll stay in America is hard to me to say at the moment. I have a stipend for six months. In any case, I can’t be counted on during this academic year.

                That article of Lissa’s about you was evidently Morawski’s idea; it didn’t get to me and, at least for the moment, nothing has come of it.

                As for your discussion with Csató, no similar discussions have been published so far in Aesthetics, and therefore there’s been no such heading. It’s just that it would be good to keep it to a few pages, because we’ve already exceeded the arkuszy [40 000 characters with spaces] allocated to us.

                As for the Warsaw section of Aesthetics: de iure, of course, it exists; it’s a question of existence de facto. There are two difficulties. First, in Warsaw it’s generally difficult regarding attendees at lectures, unless there’s something sensational. Secondly, it would be necessary to organise it, to draw the various people who are interested in aesthetics, because only members of the Polish Philosophical Society are notified, and in Warsaw they are really not interested in it. Morawski, who’s usually so overly active, has exhibited no activity here, maybe because of his trip, maybe for other reasons. The Faculty staff loves to bother me. Nevertheless I’ll put it together before my departure and I also encourage XXX to come up with some kind of organisation and propaganda among likely sympathisers: artists, art historians, writers, etc.

                 Will you be in Warsaw for the congress on the 17th?

                                          A handshake