Letter from Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 10.12.1944

                                               Luborzyca                  10.XII.44.

Dear esteemed Sir, Indeed, we don’t have very much luck, because I’m in Cracow relatively often (more or less every 10 days), and yet we always miss each other, though I would like very much for us to be able to meet. The property where I’m staying is located close to Cracow, but transportation is very cumbersome. The post is fairly regular. After receiving your letter, I went to Dr M. and reached a positive understanding with him. The plan is very good indeed, although I would incorporate certain items in it and add others. More on that, actually, when I see you. I’m dealing now with contemporary philosophy: I want to bring History of Philosophy up to our times; it has grown significantly, up to a third volume. It was ready, but some of it was burned in August, including ‘Phenomenology’, which was written quite a long time ago; it will be difficult for me to reconstruct this chapter. At the moment I’m writing ‘Pragmatism’ over again. I work a lot; my conditions are unexpectedly good. And even one task drowns out evil thoughts. Anyway, I got over things quickly (even though I also lost my entire workshop and notes from my entire life), but I can’t get over the people. ‒ It’s hard to see so far into the future, but I think that 28‒29/12 I’ll be in Crac. And you? If necessary, I’ll adjust my schedule. A cordial handshake.




Wł. Tatarkiewicz
Luborzyca Manor Kocmyrzów county


The Most Honourable
Dr Roman Ingarden
Pieskowa Skała Sułoszowa county
via Cracow