Letter from Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 12.12.1966

Warsaw Chocimska 35

Dear Roman,

            I’ve just received your letter of the 8th of this month; I’d expected that you’d already returned and that I would hear from you. I wasn’t at the meeting of the Polish Academy of Sciences; that kind of topic (the future, programmes, plans) doesn’t interest me. Neither did I go to the Committee on the History of Art today.

            However, I did read, after a fashion, Ms Wójcik’s paper, wrote a review, and sent it to the Dean’s office. The paper aroused no enthusiasm in me, but I gave it a positive review; the most important reason was that the work written under your direction and that you accepted it; after all no one knows these things the way you do.

            On Wednesday I’m going to Toruń for a doctorate. Czeżowski won’t be there, though, because he’s still in hospital following his operation. I don’t even mention Elzenberg, who is in very poor condition in hospital in Warsaw. As of now, I won’t be in Cracow either, because the sub-editor from Ossolineum is coming here to see me. I’m supposed to spend the holidays at home. I’ll think about more trips only when spring comes.

            Again, as to Ms Wójcik’s paper: I called Mor. with a reminder, but he hasn’t done anything yet. He’s not sick, but really busy: what doesn’t he do?

            If you’re in Warsaw (maybe for the Committee of Art History on the 19th? I’ll be there on account of Gawrak’s habilitation), you’ve got to let me know. If we don’t meet before the holidays, I send both of you cordial holiday and New Year’s wishes from both of us.

                                   And best regards




I received offprints of my article on Aristotle from Guna  – and I’m sending them along with this.