Letter from Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 21.01.1961

Warsaw 21.1.61

            Dear Roman, I’m begging you, don’t do this, don’t leave me alone with this editing!

            Swallow this bitter pill for the good of the matter. My plan is to publish one or two more volumes of Aesthetics, and then hand it over to you. With the Inst. of P. and S. [Institute of Philosophy and Science], I don’t really have any relationship, because of this publication: they’ve taken the financing of it upon themselves, they do it, and they don’t make any demands or give any advice. Please. Your resignation will go to me, not to the Institute.

            Volume II of Aesthetics is basically closed and has been given to Polish Scientific Publishers. I imagined that Ms. Łobaczewska’s art. will go, in view of her illness, into Volume III. I’m sincerely glad that she’s doing so much better. If she sends the paper within a relatively short time, I’ll try to fit it in, although I’m not sure I’ll manage it, because the limit of 20 arkuszy [40 000 characters with spaces]  has been reached absolutely. The volume opens with your paper and contains a long series of dissertations and reviews.

            We live in greater seclusion in Warsaw than we did before in Cracow. I see hardly anyone, work a lot, and gather material for Volume III of History of Aesthetics. I take no pleasure in doing the lectures and seminars assigned at U.W.; I prefer lectures at the Pedagogical Institute.

                                                                              A cordial handshake

                                                                                                    Wł Tatarkiewicz



I’m planning a trip to Cracow at the end of February or beginning of March; naturally, I’ll let you know in advance about the exact dates.