Letter from Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 22.04.1950

Warsaw 22.4.50


Dear esteemed colleague.

I cordially thank you for your letter and photograph, which is truly excellent. I would be grateful if you wouldn’t mind lending me the negatives, so that I can make a few prints from it. The spots on the background can be easily retouched, correct?

            I’m definitely not coming to Ganszyniec’s lecture in April, but I’m going to try to be at Elzenberg’s in May. At the request of the Secretariat of the Polish Academy of Learning concerning the plans of the Commission, I replied that ‒ apart from the usual lecture- and discussion-related work ‒ we are planning 1) to turn over additional Com. Arch. for stud. Hist. Phil. in Poland (I already have material for one volume), 2) publication of your bibliography (I only think that it would need to be methodologically improved), 3) publication of the aggregate History of Philosophy in Poland (we really have to come back to this idea!)

                               I attach expressions of true esteem

                               and a cordial handshake




received 28.IV.50.