Postcard from Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 24.01.1949


Dear esteemed colleague.

I have been sincerely worried about the complications and deterioration in your son’s health and thus I thank you all the more sincerely that despite these worries, you remembered the Review.

The state of affairs is as follows: close to 3 arkuszy [40 000 characters with spaces]of print – this, essentially, for the Review, is very big; I try very hard to avoid long articles, notably in the face of the complaints of the many whose articles of this kind I’ve rejected. So if it is at all possible for you to choose among your articles so that it doesn’t exceed 2 arkuszy,[O1]  it would really be in line with my thinking. But your participation in the aesthetic issue is so important to me that if abridgement is not possible, I’ll fit in the article at whatever length you choose to write it.

I thank you once again for your letter and attach my best regards


Znamierowski and I have scheduled his lecture at the Phil. Commission of the Polish Academy of Learning for 5.III.



Post card

The Most Honourable Professor
Dr Roman Ingarden
ul. Biskupia 14 apt. 15