Letter from Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 24.02.1962

University of Warsaw
Faculty of Aesthetics
Krakowskie-Przedmieście Street No. 3

Warsaw, 24.2.1962


Dear Roman, I persuaded the staff of the Faculty and several participants of the seminar who have connections among artists, filmmakers, writers, etc., to organise lectures in the Aesthetics section of the Polish Philosophical Society in Warsaw and to gather those who might be interested in them.

Somehow it caught on beyond expectations. However, after my departure, there won’t be anyone in Warsaw from the Section’s board.

I communicated with Ms Aumüller, who explained that you, as chairman, should (if you approve this plan?) authorise it. I think you have to entrust it to the adjunct, K. Zwolińska (who, moreover, is now ‒ following the departure of Morawski ‒ acting director of the Faculty). If you agree, then please write a few words to Ms Aumüller, and if necessary to Ms Zwolińska (Nowogrodzka 12 apt. 5). I think that it’ll go through. With the Polish Philosophical Society you can count on lectures to only a minimal number of people, but let’s try to draw people from outside the PPS, so that at least a few will sign up for membership too. I foresee that these will not be lectures on general aesthetics; rather, they’ll be specialised, but maybe that’s better.

                At some point, the Warsaw Division Section will have to be put in formal order, since, if there are two members of the Board in Warsaw, then who is the chairman, etc.?

                The matter of my passport (seemingly simple, because I have the passport, it was only a question of re-issuing it, and the Polish Academy of Sciences doesn’t need to lay out money) proceeded so slowly, with so much resistance, that I finally had to appeal to Ż; then everything got moving, and I’m supposed to have it on Monday.

                Are you coming to the meeting of Division I on 7/III?

                I have my flight that day (in the afternoon), so I don’t know if I’ll be coming.

                                                               A cordial handshake