Letter from Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 24.08.1933

EDITORIAL BOARD OF PHILOSOPHICAL REVIEW       n          n                         24/8/1933
BODUENA 6 – TEL. 46-42

   n     Honoured Doctor,
n        Thank you kindly for the card and for informing me about the status of the article on the musical work.
That the article is not finished didn’t frighten me; I myself had decided to postpone the deadline for assembling the issue to the beginning of October. However, I can’t conceal that I was stunned and worried by the news that the art. is supposed to run to 5 arkuszy [1 arkusz = 40,000 characters]. Of course, in absolute terms, this is not a large number, but when 1 arkusz was expected, and when the entire issue runs to 5 ark., it reduces all editorial intentions to nothing.
   n        I can give you, at most, two segments, each of which can be at most one and a half arkuszy. Thus it would amount to 3 ark. Perhaps, though, you’ll be able to shorten the thing within these maximum limits – to give a kind of summary of your dissertation. Please don’t consider this bargain barbaric, since it’s only a matter of reckoning with the publication’s capacity. In any case, I myself am trying to adapt to our situation and am printing not papers themselves, but extracts – perhaps this gives me a certain right to ask this of my collaborators. I’d be grateful to you if you wouldn’t mind letting me know that you agree to my proposal and that I can count on the first segment at the beginning of October.
   n        I already have in my portfolio an extensive report on Liter. Kunstwerk [Das literarische Kunstwerk, The Literary Work of Art, by Ingarden] which will go in the fourth issue.

   n        I enclose expressions of respect and a handshake

   n      Wtatarkiewicz