Letter from Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 24.08.1967

Warsaw Chocimska 35


Dear Roman,
I’m writing to you in Cracow already, because I’m guessing that you’ll return home for September.

                A few days ago I received the first copy of the fourth volume of Studies in Aesthetics. I’ve already managed to read your paper on Volkelt and empathy. It suits me in all respects. I cordially thank you for deciding to dedicate it to me.

                The issue of Life and Thoughts with S. Pacuła’s article about me has also come out. I know that he’s preparing something about you. He’s not an expert philosopher, but it’s not a bad thing to have philosophy discussed ‘from the outside’ as well, from a more vital point of view. Moreover, this author is loyal; he doesn’t publish without the consent of those he writes about.

                Everything’s properly prepared for my departure to Berkeley, passports, visas, ship and plane tickets. The list of lectures sent to me already includes set times and lecture halls. It’s not a sinecure: five full hours per week. As long as nothing changes at the last moment, we’ll sail on the Batory on 6 September, stopping in Canada for 10 days. ‒ And when are you leaving for Norway?

                I received a (nice) letter from Dean Wolski saying that my doctoral celebration will be held at any time I choose in this academic year. It can’t be any earlier than during the summer semester.

                T. Dobrowolski continues to behave belligerently; he sent a long abusive letter to Creativity, which printed it. I haven’t read nor am I going to read it, but I’m no longer going to oppose proceedings by Zaiks [Polish Society of Authors and Composers] on the issue of violation of rights. I hate all such matters, even in the pursuit of the most legitimate rights, but I see that it can’t be avoided.

                Once again, thanks ‒ and best regards.

                                                                                                                             Władysław T.

I’m attaching an offprint from Revue de Métaphysique: the first part of the article had already been published, while the second, in which I refer to you, is new.