Letter from Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 26.06.1937

EDITORIAL BOARD,         n               n               n                Warsaw, 26/6/1937
PHILOSOPHICAL REVIEW      n                n                n          MARSZAŁKOWSKA 25, TEL. 710-00


Dear Most Honoured Colleague,
I’m not returning the proofs (first batch) as promptly as I would have liked – however, it’s turned out that it’s better for the author and translator to correct them one after the other, not simultaneously. Anyway, there’s no longer any need to hurry, since in any case we won’t be completely ready before the summer holidays. The day after tomorrow I’m leaving for the country, although more than half the text remains to be typeset and corrected. Communication with the translator would be very difficult now; therefore, correction of proofs will be postponed until my return from Paris, i.e. until mid-August.
In accordance with your wishes, we made the corrections very carefully, and I hope we didn’t overlook any errors. And what about the Greek footnotes? Will one of the Lviv philologists review them as planned, or should I try to find a philologist? This, too, would be difficult before the end of the summer holidays.
I was at the Ministry and found out about the subsidies for the Paris congress. They’ve been decided in principle; only the amounts haven’t been determined yet. In view of the significant number of applicants, following the distribution of the allocated sum, it’ll come out to 300–400 zlotys. Anyway, the desiderata of some of the applicants were below that amount. I hear from people who have just now returned from Paris that it hasn’t gotten more expensive there at all; combined with the low cost of train tickets, travel costs shouldn’t greatly exceed the amount of the subsidy. Because everything in the offices is going slowly, the ministerial decision may arrive rather late; however, the gentlemen can be sure that it’ll be favourable, and can get ready to go.

 n          Thanks again for speeding up the typesetting of my dissertation – and I attach a cordial handshake until we meet in Paris

 n               n               n               n               n               n                 Wtatarkiewicz