Letter from Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 30.06.1969

Warsaw 30.6.69

Dear Roman.

We’ve sent a message for tomorrow’s ceremony; now I renew my cordial congratulations and wishes once again by post, at the same time thanking you for your name-day wishes. I regret that we haven’t seen each other for so long; now the two of you are probably going to the mountains, whereas we’re going to Radziejowice in July (Mszczonów district, Grodzisk Mazowiecki county). We expect to be in Warsaw throughout August. Our trip abroad was intense and came off very well; now I have no desire for further trips. That’s one reason I’m not going to Heidelberg; the second was that I figured that you weren’t going either. However, I would be happy if you were there, on account of support for I.D.’s candidature. ‒ You write about Schwäbisch Hall; meanwhile, all of the queries from IIP speak only about Heidelberg (I was in Schwäbisch Hall while passing through a couple of years ago; what a beautiful place!).

Those letters about help for foreign colleagues aren’t very reasonable, or maybe I’ve misunderstood them. I haven’t even answered.

I’m going to try hard to persuade Ms Iza regarding the introduction to Discourse on the Method, but will I be able to convince her? I now have quite a good relationship with Polish National Publishers and the Library of Classics of Philosophy, actually better than before; that may be temporary.

I’ve heard that Czerniawski is translating you into English. I’ve had bad experiences with him; the translation was swarming with misconceptions; I wasted months on corrections. But maybe he’ll do better now.

                                                    Best regards to both of you dear people.