Letter of motivation written 12.04.1921

To                c              c     c                    Board of the Pomeranian School District in Toruń
    c     cThe Board of the                        Received 14/4/1921
Pomeranian School District                  c L. dz.[file no.] I. 2605

in Toruń.


  In connection with the announced Competition for teachers at state middle schools in the Pomeranian School District, I politely ask to be given a full-time position as a teacher of mathematics in the state middle school in Toruń. I’m taking the liberty here of referring to a letter from the headmaster, Dr Krajewski, from whom, prior to the announcement of the competition, I learned privately about a position at the above-mentioned middle school, and who, in his letter of 2/4 of this year, informs me that the matter of my appointment as a mathematics teacher has already been arranged at the Board of the Pomeranian School District.

  Information concerning my qualifications for the position I am requesting as well as my teaching work to date is given in the attachment ‘Curriculum Vitae’, as well as documents or copies thereof.

  I’m asking that the position should be given to me as of the end of the current school year, i.e. as of 1/8 of this year. Giving it to me – as mentioned by Headmaster Krajewski – only as of 1 September of this year would place me in a difficult financial situation, since my current position terminates on 31 July; thus I would be deprived of my livelihood for one month.

  Because the only reason I’m forced to leave Warsaw is the lack of a suitable flat, I’ll take the liberty of pointing out that I’ll be able to accept a position in Toruń only if I can find a suitable (4-room) flat, or, in case of difficulties in this XXX XXX a flat through the Board of the Pomeranian School District.

  Assuming I’m to receive the post mentioned above, I request a grant to cover my actual relocation costs. These costs are so great today that I wouldn’t be able to cover them from my own resources. I must point out that most of my things are in Cracow, since, due to the lack of a suitable flat in Warsaw, I haven’t been able to bring them here as yet. I’m asking you at the same time to count my years of teaching work to date and possibly assign me the duties of a form teacher.

  With this application, I’m enclosing: 1) my curriculum vitae, 2) a copy of my matura [comprehensive secondary-school] certificate, 3) a copy of my doctoral diploma, 4) a certificate of work at the ‘Lublin School’, 5) a certificate from the J. Zamoyski Real School, 6) a certificate from the S. Konarski Teacher’s Seminar, 7) a certificate from Headmaster W. Górski concerning my work in his school.

12/4/1921.                                                                    Dr Roman Ingarden
                        Prof., W. Górski School in Warsaw

Address: Warsaw, Złota 41. apt. 4.