Letter to Irena Krońska written in 22.03.1954

Krakow, 3/22/1954


Dear Ms. Irena,
v               I am very sorry that I could not see you during my last stay in Warsaw. I was called in to a P.A.S. [Polish Academy of Sciences] meeting at a point when my letter would not reach you anymore. I thought that before the meeting, which began on Saturday at 10:15 a.m., I would be able to report to the Committee’s office and at least arrange a meeting with you. Meanwhile, the train was late, and I had too little time to see you before the meeting. It continued until 3:20 p.m., when you probably were not in the office anymore, and I had to go eat something. And then I did not manage to go on Saturday, or Sunday /I originally wanted to leave on Saturday evening because I do not have much time, and on Tuesday I have to be in Wroclaw again/. I touched on some matters in a conversation with your husband, but of course I could not do much more than briefly list the issues. Reviewing the corrections with you would definitely help more. But it cannot be helped. Maybe it will be possible to discuss some issues when I am at the next Committee meeting. I submitted the proof up to and including page 72, and now I will continue with the corrections. In view of my trip to Wroclaw, I will not be able to deliver the next installment until the 25th. Actually, apart from some minor oversights, the errors mainly concern a few terminological issues, which are repeated throughout the rest of Ethics, so I think that my work of the first two parts may be sufficient, especially if the ones proofreading are Leśniak, PhD and yourself. But, of course, I am willing, though at a rather slow pace, to continue on with this correction if you consider it necessary. I have read the “Introduction” and that is also something I wanted to discuss with you, for now it has to be postponed. I believe that you have other copies and that the one in my possession is not needed, but if I am wrong, please kindly let me know and I will send it in the next mail.
v   We have also talked with your husband about the issue with Erscheinung = phenomenon = manifestation. I will consider this matter, of course, but for the moment I get the impression that, apart from the argument of tradition established since Chmielowski’s time, there is not much speaking for “phenomenon”. But manifestation does not seem ideal to me either. However, this would have to be decided upon before the corrections are carried over to the white copy. At the moment I am making corrections on one tissue paper copy, I am finished with about 62% of the whole, when I am done I still have all the technical work with preparing the copy for printing ahead of me, moreover I have to write the terminological supplement /partially finished, have to select terms for the index/ – that is not that a huge of a job – and a brief introduction, which I currently have no concept for yet. If it is divided into two volumes, will there be a separate index in each volume? or one for both volumes?
v   Thank you for the letter passed on to me by the PWN. I send my cordial regards and bows, and greetings to your Daughter, whom I could not see this time.