Letter to Kazimierz Ajdukiewicz written 4/14/1949

Cracow, 14/4/1949

To the Honourable Editorial Board of Studia Philosophica
to be delivered personally to the Honourable Professor K. Ajdukiewicz


My Dear Friend.

I received your last letter and card during the period of the death and burial of Jurek. I was unable to answer you then, and afterwards you left for England. I’m guessing that you have returned by now, so I’m writing.

Thank you for sending your wishes. Unfortunately, this year I didn’t have a name day. Jurek died 26/2 of this year. I was unable to write to you then on your name day, either. Forgive me.

As a result of various troubles I couldn’t work for a long time. Thus I didn’t prepare an article for Studies.
About two weeks ago I started to work a bit again, but have to fulfil my earlier obligations. I don’t know what state Vol. IV of Studies is in. Maybe you’ll be so good as to let me know how much time I would have in a given instance if I still wanted to prepare something now. Time would be needed as well for a translation into English. If it’s already too late, unfortunately I can’t do anything about it. Please let me know.