Letter to Kazimierz Twardowski written 03.06.1932

Date of creation 3.06.1932
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Lviv, 3/6/32



Most Honourable Professor!

            In response to your card, I apologise that I’m replying only now, but I’m still short on time; in any case, I intended to phone, but again the lack of a telephone at home makes this difficult. Thus I’m writing to inform you that my lecture at the [Polish] Writers’ Union took place on 25 April of this year; the title was ‘On the Construction of a Literary Work’.

            At the same time, I wish to inform you that I received a card today from Mr Lukrec [O1] to the effect that on 31/5 he sent, in accordance with my instructions, W. Dawid[O2] ’s manuscript entitled ‘The Psychology of Religion’ to your address. I suppose that this manuscript will reach you within the next few days. Today I was also sent, by way of Mr Bielecki[O3] , Prof. Śleszyński[O4] ’s manuscripts. I haven’t yet had time to see what’s in them. I’ll do so tomorrow, and then perhaps telephone you regarding what to do next with these manuscripts.

                       I enclose expressions of profound esteem and respect

                                                                                                               Roman Ingarden



[O1]Henryk Lukrec (1884 [?] 1888 [?]‒1952)
[O2]Jan Władysław Dawid (1859‒1914)
[O3]Adam Bielecki (1910‒2003)
[O4]Jan Śleszyński [O4] (1854‒1931)