Letter to Kazimierz Twardowski written 17.12.1920

Warsaw, 17/12/1920[O1]



Honourable Professor!

            I read your article on ‘Clear and ambiguous philosophical style’ with interest, especially since we’ve discussed the matter in person on several occasions. Naturally, I acknowledge the postulate of clear writing and, even more so, of clear thinking. While reading, however, some remarks occurred to me, which I have attempted to formulate. I’m guessing that you will find them just, even though they modify, to a certain extent, your chief assertion. I’m taking the liberty of sending you these remarks with a polite request to read them. If you decide that my remarks are just, and that they should be voiced publicly, perhaps you could print these few pages in [Philosophical] Movement, insofar as room for them can be found. In that case, I’d be grateful to you. It’s extremely possible that I’ve misunderstood your arguments. In that case, I humbly apologise for taking the liberty of highlighting and sending you these few lines of yours.

            Only a few days ago, extremely regrettable news reached me of the death of B. Gottlieb[O2] . I was friendly with him and had received a letter from him not long ago. The impression this made on me was even greater due to the unexpected nature of the news. In any case, I’m not familiar with any of the details. I greatly regret the passing of such a worthy and capable individual. Unfortunately, he left nothing behind. This request of mine is likewise too bold: whether Movement might not be able to find a place for a brief posthumous mention of him as one of those whom life did not permit to develop their abilities in the field of philosophy. I take the liberty of asking for this because he was a sincere friend to me, and I’d thus like to make a modest contribution to the notation of his name in an academic journal, by way of paying back a part of my debt of real gratitude.

            If you consider it possible and appropriate to carry out my request and would like to have a few biographical facts, I’ll send them immediately upon demand.

            I enclose expressions of true esteem and I take the liberty at this opportunity of expressing my sincere best wishes for the approaching Christmas holidays.

                                                                                                               Roman Ingarden


Ms Łempicka [O3] had an interesting lecture about expressionism here a few days ago. Prof. Witwicki, with whom I’ve had many discussions here, left for Vilnius a few weeks ago and unfortunately I’ve had no time to find out whether he’s returned yet.



[O1]Czy możliwe, że ta data jest nieprawidłowa? Artykuł został opublikowany w 1919 roku i wydaje mi się, że był on pierwotną przyczyną dyskusji zawartej w innych listach w tej grupie
[O2]nie udało mi się znaleźć żadnego odniesienia do tej osoby
[O3]najprawdopodobnie Tamara Łempicka, też znana jako Tamara de Lempicka, właść. Maria Górska (1898‒1980)