Letter to Tadeusz Czeżowski written 16.11.1954

Cracow, 16/11/1954

Dear Tadeusz,

            thank you very much for the return of the 35 zlotys I laid out for the purchase of flowers for Ms Dania. As I recall, however, I spent 65 zlotys, not 70, as would follow from the amount you sent. I think, though, that I’ll return this small amount to you the next time I see you.

            In the attachment, I’m sending you a certain number of pages of my paper on causal relationship which are needed to replace the pages I handed you during your last stay in Cracow; the copy was given to me a few hours prior to your departure and I wasn’t able to glance through it and correct it; moreover, I went on to change the part of the text concerning the relationship with Heisenberg, i.e. with interpretations of his uncertainty principle. It was only after your departure that I was able to finish a new version of this thing. The version you have surely contains a certain number of typing errors, connected, inter alia, with the fact that the people who typed this don’t know German very well and when reading my unclear handwriting must have made a certain number of mistakes that appear to be language-related.

            I’m also sending you about 20 pages which I wrote over the past few days, i.e. (204‒221). I admit that I don’t have the patience to read this copy, so there are certainly various typographical errors. I’m v. sorry about that, but now I have still other urgent work that I have to finish before Saturday (the meeting of the BKE Committee).

            Cordial greetings, and I hope that you didn’t leave here with any calluses from that bed.