Letter to Tadeusz Kotarbiński written 23.03.1953

Prof. Roman Ingarden
Cracow, ul. Biskupia 14.

In Cracow, 23/3/53


The Hon. Prof. Dr Tadeusz Kotarbiński
President of the BKF Editorial Committee
in WARSAW, ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 79


                Most Honoured Mr President.

                A few weeks after my letter winding up the matter of the translation of Principia Philosophiae by Prof. Willmann-Grabowska, and sometime after my conversation with you on this topic, I received a letter from Prof. Willmann-Grabowska in which she admitted that it was her fault that the whole matter had taken such a protracted course, and unexpectedly announced her readiness to complete the translation by September of this year. Because I did not believe it possible to open this subject again, bearing in mind at the same time that Prof. Willmann-Grabowska is an individual with an outstanding knowledge of French, and also possessing a considerable philosophical background, I decided to see whether it wouldn’t be possible to make use of Prof. Grabowska’s qualifications as a translator of the works of the French philosophers. I spoke about this topic first with Prof. W. Tatarkiewicz, who had also come to the conclusion that Prof. Grabowska should be used on behalf of our Committee. However, he asked me if I could speak to Prof. Grabowska about whether she would like to work on translations from French. Well, several days ago I had a conversation on the subject with Prof. Willmann-Grabowska and obtained her agreement in principle to undertake a translation from French. I pointed out that I didn’t know which author or what kind of work might be involved in this and that I would present the entire matter to you with the proviso that, if your consent were obtained, the Editorial Committee would itself suggest the choice of the author and work to Ms Grabowska.

                Given this state of affairs, I take the liberty of presenting the entire matter to you in the hope that you will favour the idea of entrusting Prof. Grabowska with a translation and preferably to consider the entire matter and, if need be, suggest a work to Ms Grabowska. It may be possible, after speaking with her, to settle the matter formally in the course of the April conference.

                Respectfully requesting a few words of gracious reply, I attach expressions of profound respect and regard

Roman Ingarden