Letter to the Committee of the Library of Classics of Philosophy written 25.03.1953

Prof. R. Ingarden         v           v           v           v           v           v         Krakow, 3/25/1953
Krakow, Biskupia 14 apt.15

L 22/53

The Editorial Committee of the Library of the Classics of Philosophy


Dear Ms. Irena,

 v        Ms. Cierniak, M.A. came to visit me on Monday, March 23, and yesterday I received your letter from 3/23, which receipt I confirm, and which I thank you for.
 v        Today, with this letter, I am sending Ms. Cierniak:

 v        a / 109 pages for the index of ‘Justification of metaphysics of morality’, arranged alphabetically with regards to the German terms.
Next to them I have put down the Polish equivalents / you need to check whether there are any other Polish terms which are equivalent to the given German ones, and whether I was not mistaken anywhere when providing any of the Polish terms /. The index must be prepared in such a way that one can read the original and the translation simultaneously in order to be able to determine different variations of the translation of the same German word /and vice versa/.
 v        I have selected the primary terms from Kant’s general theory of ethics / in given works /, mostly omitting the ethical terms provided by Kant in the examples. Additionally, I have supplied a number of terms from Kant’s theoretical philosophy that have served as a means to build ethical theory, others I have generally omitted, as they are not analyzed or explained in the “Justification”. I believe that the rather practical and didactic nature of the index allows for such a method of index construction; the same applies to the selection of the excerpts that should be included in the index; only those in which a given term is explained by the context, or those wherein various variants of its meaning have been delineated.
 v        Of course, these are just my suggestions, you can both add and drop some of the included terms. We will yet agree on that verbally.
 v        b / around 100 pages of the translation of Spinoza’s Ethics I have managed to review. It is the same copy on which prof. Dańcewicz made his suggestions. I have transferred the corrections I have made from my copy, which I shall keep for now /partially in a colored pencil, then in black/. My corrections include those of prof. Dańcewicz’s which I have accepted. Those that I consider unnecessary have been left in the margins.
 v        In agreement with your letter, I intend to come to Warsaw on Saturday morning and report in before noon / after 9 a.m. / at your office at Krakowskie Przedmieście. If I were to travel overnight and the train comes late, so might I.
 v        I would be grateful if prof. Kołakowski and you could review the text I am sending you over these two days, and, if possible, if prof. Kołakowski could join us at your office on Saturday morning, maybe we could still discuss some questionable issues and modus procedendi for the future.

As for other matters, we shall discuss them in person.
Cordial greetings and my sincere regards