Letter to the Committee of the Library of Classics of Philosophy written 26.05.1954

Date of creation 26.06.1954
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Prof. Roman Ingarden,               c                c              c                        Krakow, 5/26/1954
department: German philosophy


  c     The Editorial Committee of the Library of Classics of Philosophy
          c              c                  c        in Warsaw

          c    I respectfully report that on 5/24 I received an offer from Mr. Adolf Sowiński /Warsaw, Lwicka 8 a, apt. 13/ – editor of the selection of papers by Lessing for Polish Scientific Publishers PWN – to translate Lessing’s Laokoon /in full/ for this publishing house. Since the Editorial Committee of the LCP once adopted a resolution to publish a translation of “Laocoon” and since I think it makes no sense to translate and publish the same work twice, I am reporting the above to the Editorial Committee along with a request get in touch with PWN, or possibly with Mr. Sowiński to establish who and how should publish this translation. I am also writing Mr. Sowiński that until the whole matter has been discussed with PWN, I cannot take any position with regards to the offer he made. I suppose that as far as the Editorial Committee is concerned, this matter could be discussed, possibly decided upon at the next meeting of the LCP Committee. However, while the Presidium of the LCP Committee itself could decide who should ultimately publish the translation of Laocoon, I ask you to kindly let me know so that I can give an answer to Mr. Sowiński.

My deepest respect