Letter to the Committee of the Library of Classics of Philosophy written 27.04.1954

Prof. Roman Ingarden, Sr.                       v                               v                            Krakow, 4/27/1954
Department of German Philosophy


     v   The Editorial Committee of the LCP at the PAS
     v                WARSAW, Krakowskie Przedmieście 79, PWN Publishing


     v      I am sending you the next 26 galley proofs of the correction of Spinoza’s Ethics /up to the end of Part III/. I would like to ask you on this occasion to kindly let me know whether pt. II of the correction has already reached Warsaw and whether for this reason providing the remainder of pt. I is urgent.
     v      I also respectfully report that, although the Krakow branch of the Polish Scientific Publishers PWN has issued me a certificate for the purchase of paper /100 sheets of white paper and 100 sheets of copy paper/ for the copy of the translation of Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason, I have not been able to purchase said paper so far, because – as they claim in local stores – there is no paper in Krakow. Therefore, I suggest that you not make a full copy of the final version of the translation of “Critique”, but only introduce corrections into the existing “white” typescript, or rewrite only those pages that have many changes and the translator’s commentary added during the final preparation of the typescript for printing. But for purpose of the latter I would have to receive /maybe from the Warsaw Branch of the PWN/ a certain amount of white paper or copy paper, for I have to keep the rest of the machine paper that I still have for my own use. Please kindly send me a few words of reply regarding the aforementioned issues. My deepest respect