Letter to the Committee of the Library of Classics of Philosophy written 30.09.1954

Prof. Roman Ingarden Sr.                  v                                       v                   Krakow, 9/30/1954
Krakow, Biskupia 14


 v    The Editorial Committee of the LCP at the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences
      v             v             v       WARSAW


Please find attached herewith a/ the last part of my translation of “Critque of Pure Reason”, pp. 737-784, b /the Introduction entitled “From the translator”, to be put in before the text of the translation. In the future I will be sending in the “Appendix” – the Analysis of central concepts of “Critique” – and the index. Both are to be printed in the work following the translation.

/prof. Roman Ingarden, Sr./




It is hereby certified that Danuta Gierulanka, PhD /Krakow, Dietla 99, 2F/ has introduced my corrections to the “white” copy of my translation of “Critique of Pure Reason” and has carried out this task entirely to my satisfaction, from pp. 675 to 784 /100 / one hundred / pages in total/, for which, at two zlotys per page, Ms. Gierulanka should be awarded PLN 200.

In accordance with our oral agreement, I kindly ask you to transfer the aforementioned sum to Gierulanka, PhD, at the address given above.


           /Prof. Roman Ingarden, Sr./