Letter to the Head Management of the PWN written in 29.12.1967 (via Irena Krońska)

 v        EDITORIAL COMMITTEE             v     v     v     v     v     v     v          Warsaw, 12/29/1967
of the Library of Classics of Philosophy
 v     v                   at
the National Scientific Publishers PWN

prof. Roman Ingarden
Krakow Biskupia St. 14


Dear and Honorable Professor,

 v    It is only now that am I able write and thank you for all the letters I received in the meantime, and for the photocopies /so far, I have read Einfühlung, very interesting/.
 v    I think Myzia’s crisis is over. Unfortunately, she cannot afford a rest, which would be all-around advisable, but she must devote her holidays to intensive studying to catch up /she is in the final grade of high school/. The situation is difficult as her health was not good since before the accident. Of course, when Myzia’s crisis passed, just before Christmas, I did die Flucht in die Krankheit, and lay there for several days with the flu, trying to reconcile it with providing the corrections before the deadline /as that is the only thing I am still capable of doing in such a condition/.
 v    Thank you very much, Professor, for your consolation. Today I can look at its evidentiary power, which in the end depends on the value of the premises /my “merits”/ more soberly, but I needed it at the time, so thank you both for the intention and for the ad hoc help.
 v    And now I shall try to answer the issues raised in Professor’s last few letters.
 v    To start with, the simplest ones. The paper for Vienna was sent immediately after the parcel arrived from Krakow, despite the lack of tags /PWN supplied them/. As for the procedure for sending corrections by the PWN, dir. Kazimierz Mliczewski, who is the acting CEO, also promised his help. So please kindly proceed the same way as before – only adding a letter to the director to each message. Mliczewski will then give appropriate orders to his secretary. The Cracow branch will receive a phone message regarding this matter – either today or tomorrow.
 v    Professor Żółkiewski is in Warsaw, and he is presumably not writing back just because he belongs to the generation that has lost the habit – which is somewhat of a second nature for the older generation – of reliable and immediate settlement of correspondence, even when you have, as in this case, a huge amount of duties and very little time. But I am sure that he will settle anything you need positively.
 v    And now with regards to the LCP matters, which are admittedly more complicated. There was no meeting during Professor’s absence – we rarely gather at all at this point. And the next meeting, which will probably be held in the spring, will be a sad one, as three members of the Committee, Kuryluk, Elzenberg and Zanamierowski, have left in the meantime. We have not yet discussed Geiger’s case at a larger meeting – and in the meantime another proposal in the area of aesthetics has reached the editorial board, namely for the translation of Dubos. It was submitted by prof. Morawski, along with an extensive justification. I enclose a copy of the application with this letter. Maybe Professor could kindly comment on this proposal – should it be translated, or should we prioritize newer things, like Geiger? Only can we manage to include Geiger in the LCP even if we moved the deadline? Did he publish anything significant before the war, so that he could be considered to be a philosopher of the nineteenth century /in the “Łempicki” sense of the word/?
 v    And since we are at Geiger, I just remembered that I do not have a dictionary entry on him yet. Professor once promised to ask Spiegelberger for it. Or maybe you could write it yourself? I would be very grateful, and please let me know.
 v    In the matter of Husserl’s Cartesian Meditations, there, of course, is no doubt that we will be entrusting the translation to assoc. prof. Gierulanka. It would also be advisable to base the translation on a critical elaboration of the text, including the manuscripts found in Louvain. – But with the current arrangement of publishing houses being treated as production plants, it is not possible to gain any help from the PWN in obtaining a subsidy, local or otherwise, for browsing archives. Only the Polish Academy of Sciences can provide support here, and more specifically – the Institute of Philosophy. Have you discussed this topic with prof. Schaff? He is currently in Warsaw, he is well – please write to him directly, I think he may be interested in the matter.
 v    I am very interested in Husserl’s correspondence with Professor. Could I get a copy?

Recently, the first volume of Hegel’s Logic was published by the LCP – you have probably already received it. Our editorial office, albeit outside of the LCP, an anthology of ancient philosophy prepared by Legowicz. Professor will also receive the latter book, but probably only in January, because so far, we only have signal copies.

To finish this long letter – though it had to be long, as Professor raised many matters I had to reply to,

on my own behalf,
on behalf of Myzia
and the entire editorial office of the LCP
very warm wishes of prosperity
and happiness in the New Year – good health
and strength for the further pursuit
of your creative and very beautiful work
yours truly

 v     v    I Krońska
Irena Krońska