Letter to the Polish Academy of Science written 10.02.1966

Prof. Roman Ingarden
Krakow, Biskupia 14            v             v             v             v             v   Krakow, 2/10/1966, 9.30 a.m.


Honorable Chairman,

Due to the fact that I have not received a reply to my telegram /with paid answer/ which I sent the day before yesterday, I would like to kindly inform you that I cannot cancel my lecture at the Krakow Branch of P.P.S. and, consequently, I cannot be present at the meeting announced to take place on 10/12 in Warsaw. Therefore, I shall limit myself to simply listing the names of the persons I would propose as members of the Polish Academy of Sciences in the coming years, in the following order:
 v   1. prof. Tadeusz Czeżowski
 v  2. prof. Czesław Znamierowski
 v  3. prof. Maria Ossowska
 v  4. prof. Adam Krokiewicz
 v  5. prof. Izydora Dąmbska
 v  6. prof. Mieczysław Wallis.

           v             v  I am not naming any possible candidates for future PAS members from the circle of pedagogy, as I am not sure who could qualify.

My deepest respect.
 v  Sincerely,

/Roman Ingarden/