Letter to the Polish Academy of Science written 17.05.1966

Date of creation 17.05.1966
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Professor Roman Ingarden
Krakow, Biskupia 14               c                 c           c                   c       Krakow, May 17, 1969

Faculty I of the P.A.S. Office
      c           c           c          in WARSAW

      c      c          I attach herewith the letter that I have received from the Office of Faculty I of the Polish Academy of Sciences, which the reception desk of the Sejm Hotel refused to recognize, claiming that this letter was a “private letter” and that my name was not in the Office’s official letter to the Sejm Hotel listing the members of the Polish Academy of Sciences who should be booked a room (which I myself have confirmed). The conversation with the reception was very upsetting, as from the very first question: “what name is that?” it was conducted in a sharp tone, which must have also caused an unnerved tone on my part. I was also refused to book a room ” privately “, declaring that it was out of the question, since the hotel is basically only for the members of the Parliament. However, the hotel reception’s actions were inconsistent, as Professor Steffen, who was also not on the list, was granted a room.
         c        c     I kindly ask the Office of Faculty I to send a letter to the management of the Sejm Hotel demanding an apology to me for this way of settling the matter and treating a full member of the Polish Academy of Sciences as a “private person who cannot be granted a room, and forcing me into searching accommodation in Warsaw at 23 p.m. It was only by coincidence that I finally got a room at the Teacher’s House (where I was also not on the list).

  (prof. Roman Ingarden)