Letter to the Polish Academy of Science written 24.10.1963

Prof. Roman Ingarden
Krakow, Biskupia 14              c                 c               c                    Krakow, 10/24/1963


To the International Scientific Cooperation Office of the Polish Academy of Sciences
    c               c               c               c               c               c               in WARSAW


I would like to kindly inform you that as a result of a telephone message I have sent two telegrams to England today: 1. to prof. Emmet at the University of Manchester, 2. to The British Society of Aesthetics in London. At the same time, to International Cooperation Office of the Polish Academy of Sciences I am sending 1. the original invitation for a lecture at the Brtish Society of Aesthetics, 2. a print of the program of the Society’s lectures for this academic year, where the lecture is clerly included, 3. the invitations (original /to the lectures in Manchester / at the university/. Therefore, you can show these invitations at the British Embassy, ​​but they are my property and must be returned to me. I intend to pick them up when I am in Warsaw. I cannot go to Warsaw at the moment, because tomorrow I am hosting a Scientific Session of the history of logic of the Polish Academy of Sciences here in Krakow, and on Saturday I have to chair the meeting of the Polish Philosophical Society, so I will only be able to come on Monday, October 28.
    c         In conclusion, I must note that I consider the whole matter to be a mistake or negligence on the side of the inviting party. I did not apply for the invitation, nor do I have to go to England. I believe that it is up to the inviting party to provide the documents needed for me to travel to England and I honestly do not feel like applying for a visa. I am sending the documents /invitations/ only to provide evidence to the British Embassy that I had a material basis for asking the Polish Academy of Sciences to obtain a passport for me.


/prof. Roman Ingarden/ senior