Letter to Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 03.05.1950

Rkp 1529

                                                                                                                              Cracow, 3/V/1950

            Dear Most Honourable Professor,

                       I’m writing to you with a polite request concerning the Library of Classics of Philosophy. The so-called production plan for 1950 has not yet been approved by the ministry. According to private information given me at the Polish Academy of Learning, this probably depends on Prof. Baley (?).Well, it would mean a great deal to me if you, as a member of the Committee, wouldn’t mind graciously taking an interest in this matter and finding out from those in authority where the approval of the plan stands. At the moment we have three things completely ready: de la Mettrie’s Man a Machine (which has been lying around since mid-December and can’t be sent to the censors, because the question of paper has not been not settled); Condillac, Sur l’origine de[s] [O1] connaissances humaines; and Volume I of Hume’s Treatise on human nature[O2]  (Volume II is supposed to be ready by 1/7). In addition, the volume of Aristotle’s Politics is almost ready and the translation of Nicomachaean Ethics is being finished, but meanwhile we can’t move forward. Four months of this year have already passed; later, the printing house won’t be able to manage it. I don’t suppose that there are any substantive objections to the submitted plan, and that therefore it’s only a question of going ahead with it. Therefore I’m asking you for your gracious help.

[handwritten addition]:
Maybe it would be a good idea to talk directly to Prof. B. or Prof. Schaff?

                       I attach expressions of true esteem and cordial greetings

                                                                                               /signature/ Roman Ingarden



[O1]Tak pisane w oryginalnym; powinna być des
[O2]Tak pisane w oryginalnym; powinna być A Treatise of Human Nature