Letter to Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 04.11.1960

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Date of creation 4.11.1960
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Roman Ingarden

Cracow, 4 November 60


Dear Władysław,

                       yesterday I received two volumes of your History of Aesthetics, your great new work. I was delighted that it had appeared and I hasten to thank you most cordially for this precious gift. At the same time, I’d like to congratulate you on the appearance of this work, which will enrich our philosophical literature in an essential manner. I expect that the subsequent volumes will appear soon, which, moreover, will give you much more work to do than the two present ones, as a result of the significantly more extensive material. Yesterday evening I read a bit of the introduction and preface. I believe that the inclusion of original texts is a valuable innovation in a publication of this kind, but probably in the subsequent volumes it won’t be possible to implement this due to the enormous number of texts that come into play. I see that you ordered the volumes to be wrapped in cellophane; I haven’t yet managed to have this done, but it’s very important given the many types of canvas here used for binding books.

            I was supposed to travel to Warsaw yesterday for the meeting of the Polish Academy of Sciences, but at the last moment I gave it up, because I don’t feel well, my kidneys have been bothering me for some time, I’m running a slight temperature, and then [O1] I’m afraid to take to the road. These expeditions to meetings of the Polish Academy of Sciences are very tiring for Cracovians, because two nights in a row need to be devoted to this. ‒ We’ll see each other only after some time has passed, because I don’t know when I’ll have to go to Warsaw. For now, I’m sending you a cordial handshake, and I wish you continued success in your work on the history of aesthetics.

                                                                                         /signature/ Your Roman


[Handwritten note in the side margin]
I think you’ve received the article for Aesthetics. Please send the proofs, because in the previous article there were many meaning-altering errors. Can you fit in corrections?



[O1]Oryg: tefy, chyba wtedy