Letter to Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 08.08.1968

Roman Ingarden
Cracow, Biskupia 14

Cracow, 8 August 1968

Dear Władysław,

                               I returned from a trip to southern Poland today and found your letter, for which I thank you kindly. At the end of July I was in Warsaw for a few hours on my way from Toruń, but had to go to the Polish Academy of Sciences Office of Co-operation and then to ZAiKS [The Polish Society of Authors and Composers], and there was no time afterwards to come down to see you. At the moment I’m pretty tired; we drove 1,100 km [O1] from Cracow as far as Zamość and Bieszczady [the Bieszczady Mountains]; besides, I have a number of urgent matters to take care of, so I don’t know if I’ll manage to get to Warsaw[O2]  before the 14th of this month, but if you have things that need to be discussed, let me know quickly (you can ring 365-47 in the evening), and I’ll come for a few hours to see you. I regret that I can’t go to Uppsala [O3] with you and that you’re not going to Vienna for a change. Evidently you’re the only one going to Uppsala. Gołaszewska was here a while ago and said that she was twice denied a passport to go to Uppsala. She won’t be going to Vienna either, because Warsaw arranged the list without any communication with Cracow, i.e. me (a whole lot of cyberneticists); I’m the only one who’s supposed to go from Cracow, provided I finally get a passport.

                Of course I’ll represent you at the Institute’s ‘Entretiens’[O4] , but you probably need to write to the President of the Institute officially. I don’t really like the project of eliminating older gentlemen from the Institute by making them honorary members, but ultimately the whole Institute isn’t as important as it’s believed to be.

                I just received a letter from PWN inviting me to a meeting of the Editorial Committee of the Library of Classics of Philosophy on 20 September. It seems as if that Committee has been dissolved, although we weren’t informed of it, and this is supposed to be the new Committee. The matter’s difficult enough, but I think that I’ll agree to go to the first meeting, and we’ll see what happens next. You probably received the same letter. What do you think about it?

Cordial greetings. Waiting to hear from you

Your Roman


As for the article in the volume edited by Prof. Harrell, I’d prefer placement of the article ‘Aesthetic Experience and Aesthetic Object[O5] ’, published in 1960 in Farber’s Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, if her article on Aristotle’s Poetics is unsuitable.

                Please say hello to Aler, Minkowski, and our other mutual acquaintances for me.



[O1]??? jest ok. 300 km od Krakowa do Zamości
[O2]Oryg: warszawa [małą literą]
[O3]oryg: do Upsali właśc do Uppsali
[O4]oryg Entrediens, właśc. [French: interviews]
[O5]właściwy tytuł. Oryg: Aesthetic experience and Aesthetics object