Letter to Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 17.10.1963


            Dear Władysław,

                                             I just received your letter, for which I thank you very much. I was convinced that you were already in England; meanwhile things got crossed up. Assuming you weren’t in Poland, I didn’t write. In any case, I was waiting for a clarification of the situation concerning Polish participation in the Congress of aesthetics. At the moment, it seems likely that Elzenberg[O1] , Gałecki, and Gołaszewska will want to send papers[O2] . I intend to send a letter to the Ministry of Higher Education, so that they’ll pay the ‘Cotisation’ [French: membership fee], which amounts to 14 dollars per person, because I haven’t any hope that they’ll want to send any of these people. The same goes for myself: I’ll probably pay with my own money, which I expect to earn in the Netherlands when I go there this December. Admittedly, as of now, the money from England for the costs of my trip to London and Manchester (I have a lecture in London 6 November) has not arrived, and I’m beginning to worry that nothing will come of that, or that everything will be delayed (I went to Switzerland at the last minute, too, in conditions that were very uncomfortable for me), but it may yet work out, and in that case, at least part of the costs of my trip to the congress of aesthetics would be covered. That the Polish Academy of Sciences would cover the costs of my participation in the congress is something I can’t put much faith in. It’s possible, moreover, that I’ll try as well to go to the congress in Brussels (French philosophy), to which I’ve been invited and which is supposed to be held immediately before the congress of aesthetics.

            I know nothing about any Mr Mins, and no one has asked me for an article for Science or Society. It’s possible that he was in Cracow, but he didn’t contact me; probably he was told that I was an ‘idealist’ and that it was a waste of time.

            I’ve been very concerned about your kidney attack. This is evidently very painful and doesn’t lend itself greatly to treatment. In any case I don’t know what the underlying factor was, whether it was so-called ‘sand’ or a stone or something else entirely. At one point, during a ceremony at Jagiellonian University, I saw Aleksandrowicz, who mentioned that you were supposed to have a lecture on 1/10. I told him that you were supposedly about leave for London, but the two of you probably talked to each other after that.

             As of 1/10, I’m a professor emeritus, which suits me well at the moment, because I don’t have to lecture; unfortunately I still have to read various papers (the habilitations of others), which take up my time. I’ve prepared the lectures for England; they’re currently being translated. I’ve also sent speeches to the Netherlands, where I’m supposed to be in December.

            Concerning philosophy at the Jagiellonian University, the situation has not yet been clarified, i.e., nobody knows who’ll be the head of the faculty of philosophy. Evidently Augustynek is trying to obtain the position; I filed a request before the summer holidays to name Jan Leszczyński, but that hasn’t been arranged. Iza is lecturing without any changes and nobody knows whether her transfer was called off, or whether it’s just that there’s been no decision yet. With us, at any rate, there are only three classes, so some of the assistants have no assignments, which creates a disadvantageous situation for them; Gierulanka has begun lecturing as a docent, but she’s not full-time yet and nobody knows whether she’ll get into philosophy. Gołaszewska’s docenture hasn’t been confirmed yet, but apparently there’s a series of unconfirmed habilitations, because the so-called Main Commission, or whatever it’s called, hasn’t met for a long time.

            Please write and let me know whether the matter of the so-called doctoral seminar is somehow regulated legally for those who have retired, or whether it’s only customary; I have 6 doctoral students and in that case I could arrange some kind of seminar. Our university is unfavourably inclined toward idealistic philosophy and thus everything is difficult. In any case, nobody will take a firm position so as to still enable some kind of work. I have no intention of having any lectures or seminars; I’ve got a lot of other work.

            It’s possible I’ll come to the meeting of the Institute of Philosophy on the 23rd of this month to find out about my trip. But it’s a huge waste of time.

            At the end of October there’s a session here of Czeżowski’s history of logic. I think that on the 31st I’ll still be in Cracow, but that’s questionable, because before my trip I need to be in Warsaw, and I’d like to leave for London from Warsaw on 2 November.

I wish you the speediest possible return to health and send cordial greetings, and best regards to your wife





[O1]Oryg: Elzemberg
[O2]Oryg: że zechcę wysłać referaty: Elzemberg, Gałecki i Gołaszewska. Prawdopodobnie powinna być: że zechcą