Letter to Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 23.03.1953

Cracow, 23/3/53


Dear Władysław,

                       As it happens, I was at your place, convinced that you were leaving for Warsaw this afternoon. Instead, I learned that you’d already left a few days ago. We were also waiting for you at the meeting of the Board of the Philos. Soc., but I assumed that something had detained you at the last minute.

            I’m writing to ask you once again to intervene at the Polish Academy of Sciences (in the publishing department) in the matter of Aristotle’s Nicomachaean Ethics and Politics. Let me remind you that both of these things are completely assembled and generally in the second or even the final round of proofs (i.e. Politics, of which 8 arkuszy[O1]  were already in final proofs two weeks ago). I’d be very grateful if you wouldn’t mind finding out what they’re really talking about, and ask them to settle the matter positively.

            I’d also be very grateful if you wouldn’t mind seeking (in the Presidium of the Polish Philosophical Society) an opinion as to whether we’re supposed to convene a general assembly of the Cracow branch here right away, or whether we should wait. Opinions on this question were divided at the last meeting of the Board and it was decided to consult the Board of the Polish Philosophical Society.

            Over the past few days I’ve been to see Prof. Grabowska, who has accepted the suggestion that, having given up the translation of Descartes’s Principia, she should undertake some other translation from French. According to our agreement, I’ve written a letter to Prof. Kotarbiński, and wanted to ask you today to take it. Not having found you, however, I’m sending the letter via post, confining myself to informing you about Prof. Willmann-Grabowska’s positive decision, and asking you to graciously continue to occupy yourself with this matter.

            Apparently you’re coming back in a week, so we’ll see each other soon. For now, I send cordial greetings and regards

                                                                                                                      Your Roman



[O1]Notatka będzie potrzebna