Letter to Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 24.06.1967

R. Ingarden
Rabka, Niemen,
Słoneczna 38

Rabka, 24 June 1967


Dear Władysław,

                I’ve been in Rabka for a number of days, working. I was in Cracow for a couple of hours on the 22nd acting as promoter for two of my students, and there, in the Dean’s office, I learned that your promotion won’t take place this June. Therefore, the idea of your coming to Cracow that day for a few hours in order to be present at your promotion has fallen through. I’m concerned, though, about what actually happened. Did you have to go somewhere, or have some health problems? Your name day is coming up, though, so regardless of everything I’m sending you cordial wishes for good health and continued success in all your affairs.

                I’ll be staying here throughout July; in August I’ll be in Cracow, and then I’m going to Liège, and probably to Oslo too, if I get a passport and if my wife wants to accompany me; at the moment, she’s recoiling at the prospect of a three-month stay in Oslo; perhaps, then, I’ll cut the lectures there to one month. If I go for the whole semester, I won’t be in Poland until mid-December.

Cordial greetings and best regards to your wife

                                                                                                                          Your Roman