Letter to Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 24.07.1966

Roman Ingarden
Cracow, Biskupia 14                                                 t.cz.[O1]  Rabka, Słoneczna 15

                                                                                                                      24 July 66.


            Dear Władysław,

                       I’ve learned that you’ve published two papers that I’m curious about (source Filosofia[O2]  [Philosophy], anno XVII, Fasc. III. [year 17, fascicle 3]); the first is an article in Revue de Métaphysique et de Morale [Review of Metaphysics and Morals] entitled ‘Désirons-nous être heureux’ [Do we want to be happy?], the second is a paper entitled ‘Aristoteles, ein moderner Ästhetiker’ [Aristotle, a modern aestheticist], included in the series Studi di Estetica by the Filosofia publishers. I assume you have offprints; thus I’d be very grateful if you wouldn’t mind offering them to me. I subscribed for some time to Revue de Métaphysique, but stopped because half of the issues were stolen somewhere along the way; moreover, it’s not in the Jagiellonian Library. And evidently there are no publications by Filosofia in Poland at all; they’ve been sending me the journal itself since the days of Amsterdam (Guzzo).

            We’re returning to Cracow on the 31st; accordingly, if you’d be so good as to send the offprints to me in Cracow, I’d be grateful. Unfortunately it’s been pouring in Rabka for a few days, and the excessive humidity doesn’t do my leg any good.

                        Cordial greetings and best regards to your wife

                                                                       Your Roman


Edizioni di «Filosofia»
Studi di Etica, 21 1967



[O1]tym czasowy [?] chyba powinna być temp. address
[O2]Chyba Filosofia to czasopismem włoskim, natomiast Edizioni di Filosofia to wydawnictwem włoskim, którym wydał to czasopismo.