Letter to Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 27.06.1968

Roman Ingarden
Cracow, Biskupia 14

Cracow, 27/6/68

                Dear Władysław,

                                              I’m writing only today to offer you my best wishes for your Name Day: first and foremost, that you may continue to enjoy good health and youthful vigour. And, of course, that your whole family may prosper.

                I’m writing only now because I wanted to see beforehand what had actually happened with the film. Well, it turned out that the film had simply already run out and that’s why it couldn’t be advanced, and not even the final picture could be completely advanced; as a result, that one didn’t turn out at all, and the previous picture is partly obscured. The pictures taken in the Auditorium, unfortunately, didn’t come out. My light meter is already failing. In any case, I hope one souvenir picture will be all right, although it’ll only show part of the group.

                As for the public matters you raised, I won’t be able to undertake the editing of Aesthetic Studies; I don’t know how to do such things, and anyway, I don’t believe that I’d be permitted to run the journal in an objective manner. Besides ‒ to tell the truth ‒ I still have to finish three books, already far along, and every hour of work is extremely valuable to me. At the moment I feel no loss of mental capacity, but ultimately, I’m already 75 (and so you call me ‘young man’) and I don’t know how much time I have left for more or less effective work.

                As for the chair [O1] of aesthetics here, I don’t believe that the local [O2] circle will allow it. The response the prorector gave you was extremely significant. Maybe it would be better to invite one of the Cracow docents to Warsaw. Exactly whom is a matter for discussion; it’s hard for me to talk about it here. On 2 July, I leave for three weeks in Rabka; probably, then, I can come to Warsaw afterwards to talk about these matters.

For now, cordial greetings for you and best regards to your wife from both of us.

When I make the prints, I’ll send them to you.

Your Roman


Stróżewski, who has extensive experience in this field, would be most suitable as editor of Aesthetic Studies, but they probably won’t give it to him. It would be necessary to push through the approval of his habilitation and full-time status, along with full-time status for Marysia Gołaszewska.




[O1]lub department
[O2]Oryg: tutehsze, chyba tutejsze