Letter to Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 28.04.1970

kp[O1]  1529

Roman Ingarden
Cracow, Biskupia 14

Cracow, 28/4/70. 131


            Dear Władysław,

                                  last Sunday, a meeting of the Committee for the Publication of the writings of Kazimierz Twardowski was held here (by Tadeusz Czeżowski) in order to consider, inter alia, the matter of K. T.’s lectures entitled ‘The Theory of Cognition’ (1925) and ‘The Theory of Inductive Research’ (a somewhat earlier lecture), together amounting to approximately 8 arkuszy[O2] . I was asked if they could be issued by the Library of Classics of Philosophy through Polish Scientific Publishers. Because I was once told about Twardowski’s writings[O3] , I said that I thought it was within the limits of possibility and that I’d ask you whether you’d be willing to lend your support in this matter. The text of the first lecture has been transcribed and prepared for printing; the second part is supposed to be transcribed. Czeżowski has agreed to read through the whole thing and possibly assess whether this text should be printed. Accordingly, I’m writing to you about all of this along with a polite request for information about your response. Upon receiving your reply and a positive decision by Czeżowski, I’m willing to bring the matter up to the Library of Classics of Philosophy committee.

                       When are you leaving for Italy?  Yesterday I heard your voice (though drastically changed) on television: a lecture. Is this from the series of lectures organised by the Polish Academy of Sciences? I haven’t responded to the survey yet, but I’m considering it. What do you think about it (naturally not until autumn[O4] )?

                                                        Cordial greetings

                                                                         /signature/ Your Roman



[O1]Rkp [?]
[O2]Notatka będzie potrzebna
[O3]Nie ma sensu; może Ponieważ niegdyś mówiłeś o pismach Twardowskiego – Because you once spoke of Twardowski’s writings
[O4]Oryg: zdanie się kończy bez nawiasu lub znaku zapytania. Poza tym, występuje tu jakiś non sequitur. Czy transkrypcja jest dokładna?