Letter to Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 30.10.1966

Roman Ingarden
13, rue des Écoles
Hotel Minerve, Paris V-e

Paris, 30/10/1966[O1]


Dear Władysław,

            I assume you’ve been back in Warsaw for some time following your trip to Italy. More than a month has passed since I came to Paris, and almost two months since I left Warsaw. The first month we were on the road practically the entire time, to Copenhagen, then to Oslo, where I had two lectures, then through the mountains to Bergen, where I also had two lectures, and then the return trip through Denmark and Germany as far as Stuttgart, whence we came to Paris via Strasbourg. Janek and my granddaughter returned to Cracow after a few days and have been there since the 9th of this month, while I stayed here for work and the Parisian Libraries[O2] . Now I work mainly in the Sorbonne library, which is much better supplied with philosophical journals. Twice here I saw Dr Minkowski, who’s keeping well, and we talked about you. Minkowski is coming back to Poland in the spring for a psychiatric congress to be held in May in Kielce. In about 10 days, I’m leaving here for the Husserl Archive, where I’ll work on Husserl’s manuscripts for a while yet; I intend to return to Poland at the end of November, because two doctoral dissertations are waiting for me there, one of them Ms Wójcik’s. I don’t know whether you’ve already started reading this paper, or whether you’ll wade through it. It cost me a great deal of trouble, but circumstances, as you know, have forced me to be patient. Besides, the paper is not devoid of ideas worthy of consideration. I’m depending on your being good enough to read through this paper with a certain degree of goodwill towards its author. My wife recently wrote me that Morawski had written to me in Cracow that he had returned from the USA, from Berkeley, and that he felt ill. I’m afraid this is a diplomatic illness, so he doesn’t have to undertake reading Wójcikówna’s [indicating Ms Wójcik as the wife of Mr Wójcik] work. Have you seen him?
I spend almost the whole day here sitting either in the library or at home at the machine, so that I haven’t actually seen anyone; of Paris, meanwhile, I can see only the rue des Écoles and the immediate surroundings. I’ve been to the cinema twice, but it didn’t come off.[O3]  I’d go to a concert, but buying tickets, which, anyway, are expensive, is a problem. So at any rate I haven’t experienced much of this Paris.

            Around 10/11 I’m leaving for Archives Husserl, Kardinaal Mercierplein 2, Leuven, Belgium. So maybe you’ll be gracious enough to write me there about what’s new with you.

            I saw many of our mutual acquaintances in Copenhagen, but probably Kotarbiński has already told you what it was like. The lectures were rather wretched ‒ sometimes an interesting discussion.

            The issue of Iza’s habilitation is supposed to be settled soon at the Institute of Philosophy. They wrote to me here again for an opinion, which I again sent immediately. I’d be very glad to have this matter settled positively. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to be there for it.

                        Cordial greetings, and I attach best regards to your wife

                                                                                              Your Roman



[O1]Oryg: 1866
[O2]oryg: a Bibliotech paryskich – może w bibliotekach paryskich [?] (in the Parisian libraries)[?]
[O3]nie ma sensu; może w tekście wystąpił jakiś błąd; może I intended to go to the cinema twice, but it didn’t come off