Letter to Władysław Tatarkiewicz written N/D (a)

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Dear Władysław!

Thank you very much for the gracious wishes you sent. Actually, up to my name day it was beautiful and frosty in Zakopane, and I felt very well. But on my name day it began to thaw, rain, storm, etc., and in the evening I felt unwell. It turned out that I had a slight temperature, and it’s been that way for three days already: in the evening a (slight) temperature, in the morning the same. A bit of a cough. For a few days now I haven’t gone out. I stayed in bed all day yesterday, and I probably should still be in bed today, but the beds are very uncomfortable here, so I’m sitting at the desk. In the afternoon a doctor’s supposed to come and listen to me to find out what’s whistling inside, so I can figure out whether I’ll be able to travel to Cracow on Monday. Anyway, lying around here with the flu or something similar seems completely pointless to me. In any case, I have to give up my ‘place’ at the Anna Maria on Monday, and if I have to stay here in bed, it’s going to be a problem. Thus at this point I don’t yet know whether we’ll see each other before your trip to Warsaw. If I return to Cracow on Monday, I’ll call you on Tuesday (6/2). We’ve got a telephone in the house, nota bene (no. 205-47), so if necessary you’ll be able to call us as well. If I’m not there, it’s best to call around eight in the evening, because my wife will be at home then.

I took a few photos here and wrote a bit of Das Musikwerk in German; now I’m mostly reading some old novels they’ve got here at the Anna Maria.

Cordial greetings and thanks once again for thinking of me

                                                                                                       Your Roman