Postcard from Edmund Husserl written 14.12.1922

14. XII. 22, Freiburg i.B., Lorettostr. 40

Dear Friend,

            Your letters, which always delight me and bring so much joy to me, are only replied to slowly and briefly.16 But if only you knew! … I was very disappointed that you did not get the Parisian schol[arship] and therefore, will not and cannot come to Fr[eiburg]. In the summer, Hering was here for one week and Koyré (lecturer at Sorbonne) stayed for three weeks. In fact, I have a very select circle of advanced students; there are about 30 attending the seminar and only degreed young philosophers, half of them foreigners (including Englishmen, Japanese, etc.). It is highly stimulating and leads to high-level discussions. I am working on the London lectures to frame them as radical, very princip[al] medit[ationes] de pr[ima] phil[osophia], as a new “Introduction to Ph[ilosophy]”, lasting four hours. In addition, there are other works. In England, I received the warmest reception, and subsequently, the Arist. Society elected me Correspondent Member. Here in G[ermany], phen[omenology] is having a great effect, as you can see in the advertisement (Deutsche Liter[atur] Zeitung of November 4, 1923), which mentions your short article in great detail and in an appreciative way. Eventually, you will have the opportunity to read the two articles on the Yearbook in W[arsaw]. When I have time, I will write in more detail. Yearbook VI is finished and will be published in the next few days, including valuable contributions, particularly two philosophical-mathematical works. Yearbook VII will include a fundamental great work on Aristoteles by Heidegger. When will you be sending me another article? How are you and your family doing? My wife also sends warm regards. I wish you great and beautiful progress!

Cordially yours,

 E. Husserl



I am writing four articles about social-eth[ical] problems (revised) for Japanese magazines. Happy holidays!