Postcard from Edmund Husserl written 02.11.1933

Freibg. i.B., 2.XI.33

Dear Friend,

            Thank you for your k[ind] letter. I wrote to Hicks and I will immediately inform you when I receive a reply. Do you know his last book on Berkeley? Of course, you have to take that into account (Berkeley by G. Daves Hicks, Ernest Benn Ltd, London, 1932, p. 336).71

            I read in the paper that the University of Warsaw was dissolved!72 Just be patient and seek comfort in philosophy. One thing remains true: you are the only real philosopher of this time in Poland. I continue to organize and think through my “bequest.” Concerning the copy of the Med[itations], there is no hurry, I need it occasionally for educational purposes. Currently, we have an English B.A. with us who was recommended by the old Stout-Aberdeen. F[ink] and I are giving him lessons. Last semester, an intelligent Czech from Prague was here and made great progress. Landgrebe is habilitating in Prague; hence, there is a phen[omenological] cell – as in Vienna. Best regards to all of you.

                       In a hurry, your old friend, E. Husserl



Address: G. Daves Hicks, 9 Cranmer Road, Cambridge England