Postcard from Edmund Husserl written 27.06.1925

Freiburg, 27.VI.25

Dear Doctor,

            The biggest obstacle to my writing to you is that I just want to write too much. After all, you are one of my closest friends. I am in a desperate struggle with my oversized drafts. This summer, I will be giving a new four-hour lecture entitled “Introduction into Phenom[enological] Psychology” (questions of principle concerning psychology and philosophy), which unfortunately takes up all my energy.28 In the seminar, there are almost more foreigners than Germans (12 different nations); this time, it is on a very high level, very advanced. I always regret that you cannot come for even a few weeks. There is so much I have to say to you and we would have to tell each other. You would have to meet the new ph[enomenologists]. Mr. Metzger’s work for the Yearbook will be of particular interest to you. Of course, what he writes about my intention, my relationship with Rickert, etc., is fundamentally wrong. And it includes some idle ingenuity, if I assess it correctly based on the first impression. The Leibniz work of Mahnke is very valuable. – Certainly, Mr. Blaustein, like anyone else recommended by you and your coll[eague] Adjuk[iewicz], will be welcomed.29 Unfortunately, I will not have much time for him, especially now that so many want to discuss their doubts or questions concerning works in progress. In addition, Dr. Kaufmann’s habilitation has been called into question – and the college! But perhaps it will be possible somehow, and he can attend the seminar. I will be reading until and including July 30. Best of luck regarding Lviv.30 Hang in there. What a beautiful supporter you have in your wife, to whom I am sending my regards. Are the children doing well? My son Gerhart (assistant professor in Bonn) wrote a book that is quite important for us phen[omenologists] entitled “Legal Force and Legal Validity” (Rechtskraft und Rechtsgeltung published by Springer-Verlag), phen[omenlogical] foundation of the apr[ioristic] jurisprudence. You should also read Beenken ([Consequences and Tasks of] Style Analysis) Z[eitschrift] f. Aesthetik und allgemeine Kunstwiss., (Magazine for Aesthetics and General Fine Arts), Volume 18, which contains other ph[ilosophical] essays (school of Freib[urg]). Please give my regards to Dr. Ajd[ukiewicz] and Professor Tw[ardowski].

Cordially yours,

E. Husserl



In August we will be staying in Untersee near Lake Hallstädter See.