Postcard from Edmund Husserl written 05.02.1931

Date of creation 5.02.1931
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Freiburg i.Br., 5.II.1931

                       Dear Friend,

            Your postcard made us very happy. Finally, you are receiving the well-deserved recognition.51 Unico loco – this truly means something; it shows how highly esteemed you are, the respect you have indeed achieved despite the many years of resistance. You achieved this based on your admirable ethical energy, by an incredible amount of hard work, and the profundity of your research. Looking back, you will not regret the many difficult years, you will be grateful that you had to go through [the] school of hard knocks. Well, hopefully everything will go smoothly from here on out. For the time being, we view the magnificent proposal as a big positive. Nobody can be more pleased about your success than your old teacher, who always has the same esteem for you.

 E. Husserl



Please send our regards and congratulations to your dear wife. I am very happy for you!

M[alvine] H[usserl]