Postcard from Edmund Husserl written 08.06.1921

St. Märgen, 6.VIII.21

Dear Doctor,

            We have been staying in a primitive idyllic country apartment, which is located in the quiet solitude of St. Märgen since July 31. This is where I feel comfortable and am able to concentrate on my work. How are you doing? Did you send the cover page for your dissertation copies to the printing office? I am going to write to the printing office to let them know that the CV does not need to be printed as it is no longer necessary in Freiburg and would cause additional costs. I was able to negotiate the number of copies you need to submit down to 10 (complete) copies. When the work has been printed, send an official letter to the dean of the ph[ilosophical] faculty informing him that 10 copies will be sent to him (by the printing office) in accordance with the approval of the dean as dissertation copies. Unfortunately, the process of the printing of your manuscript is slowly moving forward, but I have not heard any news on the cause of the delay. You will be glad to hear that, at my urgent request, Mr. Niemeyer has agreed to pay you a royalty. You will be receiving 50-60 M per page, minus the costs for the dissertation copies. It has become the norm in Germany that even more experienced authors have to make large monetary contributions toward printing costs. But there is a large audience for phenom[enological] books and N[iemeyer] is a distinguished publisher. Dr. Weizman of Lodz, a pupil of G. von Spett-Moskau, will be visiting you soon. I liked her a lot and highly recommend her to you and Rosenblum. Our circle here has shrunk but is pretty good. I have withdrawn a bit to work on my own, and I only read about the his[tory] of newer philosophy. Ms. W[eizman] will be sharing more details with you. In July, I had a very pleasant visit from Koyré, who habilitated in Paris (two large works on Anselmus v. Canterbury, Descartes and Scholasticism) and who is a phenomenologist with body and soul. Hering is working on his doctoral thesis for Paris. Lipps habilitated in Gött[ingen] with a philosophical mathematical work. Reinach’s collected writings (including his literary bequest) were recently published by Niemeyer. All your letters delight me, and I am very sorry to hear that you have to leave W[arsaw]. Hopefully, your great Bergson work will help you. When will I see you again? How is your family doing? My wife sends her sincerest regards.

In friendship,

yours, E. Husserl



            Bell teaches in Toronto (university). Greetings to Mr. Rosenblum. Do you agree with the deletion of your bibliography?

            Could we delete the bibliography of your Bergson paper? Please reply.