Postcard from Edmund Husserl written 07.04.1932

Date of creation 7.04.1932
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7.4.1932 [Postmark]

My dear old Friend,

            I too have been in a state of depression, unfortunately, for about six weeks now. Hence, my silence. I have been up here for only four days (at 1200 m) – in the midst of a blizzard. I cannot even go outside! Thank you very much for your faithful affection. We could be so much more on a philosophical level than what is currently possible for lack of personal interaction. Will my physical energy be enough to for me to finish my work, perhaps even this year? Well, I shall not quit, although it has become more extensive (factually) than I could have ever hoped. And still no Yearbook! Your beautiful work, which I cannot accompany…?!

Cordially yours,

E. Husserl


We shall not let the depression get us down.